Warm Line Volunteer Training

Jun 21 2017

Warm Line Volunteer Training

February 24, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Seattle, WA
Mia Edidin

About our Warm Line:
We support 250 new parents on the phone every year. We have both mothers and fathers available to answer new parents calls.  We answer questions, provide hope, support, information, and provide information about how parents can start to feel better through wellness and self care. Lastly, we ensure that every family has access to the care they need and go above and beyond to connect them to resources in their community.

Criteria to be on the Warm Line:
1. A parent, or partner of, who has had and recovered from a perinatal mental health complication.
2. Or – A licensed mental heath provider.
3. You have at least one hour a day available to answer phone calls during your scheduled shift.
4. You are at least one year postpartum.
5. You can make a year commitment.

1. 3.5 hour Warm Line training offered 3 times per year (September, February, June)
2. 10 hours of independent learning about perinatal mental health at your own pace- includes videos and readings.
3. Ongoing training in perinatal mental health throughout the year- we highly encourage our Warm Line volunteers to attend our trainings throughout the year to learn more about the spectrum of perinatal mental health. As a benefit of being a PS-WA volunteer we offer attendance at our trainings free of charge.

For more information please contant Mia Edidin at Mia.Edidin@perinatalsupport.org