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Pierce County is the 2nd most populous county in Washington behind King County. Approx 45 % of the population lives in urban or suburban communities, and the rest in unincorporated rural areas. As with other counties in WA state, families with young children are more racially and ethnically diverse. Poverty is most prevalent among residents who are American Indian or Alaska Native (25%), Hispanic (24%), and among those who selected “other” for race/ethnicity (27%). These groups are twice as likely as white residents (11%) to experience poverty. 43.3% of Pierce County's children are living under 185% of the FPL.

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Pierce County is not currently receiving the PMHI Grant, but are continuing to meet. They were most recently funded (July 2021-June 2023)

First 5 FUNdamentals is the current recipient of the Perinatal Mental Health Initiative (PMHI) Grant. The PMHI is a partnership between local grant funded organizations, Perinatal Support Washington, and the funder Strengthening Families Washington, a program within the Department of Children, Youth & Families. The PMHI focuses on perinatal mental health capacity building for local communities aimed at increasing awareness of perinatal mental health disorders amongst providers and families, increasing perinatal mental health screening and appropriate referrals, and creating easy pathways for families to access the care they need. Currently, there are 11 funded communities in Washington state.

The Perinatal Emotional Health Committee History:

  • Started in 2014 by PS-WA through CBCAP funding through the Strengthening Families WA team.
  • Seeking a local community partner in the work,  PS-WA connected with the Pierce Co Perinatal Collaborative, forming the Perinatal Emotional Health Committee, a sub committee of the Collaborative.
  • PS-WA chaired the committee for many years hosting community trainings, supporting local providers to start new parent support groups , and working alongside Pierce Co partners organizations.
  • 2018 the PMHI evolved from PS-WA doing the work,  to its current form which funds local organizations who are the experts on their community to apply for the grant.
  • In 2019 Step by Step applied on behalf of Pierce Co and received PMHI funding, PS-WA transferred leadership of the committee to Step By Step and local perinatal mental health advocates.
  • 2019- 2021 Step by Step re-invigorated the Perinatal Emotional Health Committee
  • 2021 First 5 FUNdamentals applied and became the 2nd Pierce Co funded organization.
  • 2021, First 5 FUNdamentals and Step by Step co chaired the Perinatal Emotional Health Committee
  • First 5 Fundamentals now chairs the committee.
  • PMHI grant will end in June 2023.

First 5 FUNdamentals is a Collaborative Projects Incubator, creating the optimal conditions for growth and development. First 5 supports initiatives by mobilizing funding, providing staff for facilitation and project management, and building community partnership. The Perinatal Emotional Health Committee was formed to not only address the mental health of new parents but to also decrease the risk of child abuse and neglect. This aligns well with our mission in helping support families in our community. This funding allows us to connect families and new parents/caregivers to resources regarding perinatal mental health.

The aims of the project are to increase community capacity to address perinatal mental health and create easy pathways for families to access care. The task force is provided perinatal mental health consultation by Perinatal Support WA and chaired by a local organization: Step By Step, a local non-profit dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers.

Health professionals, doulas, MSS providers and direct service providers attend meet to discuss topics, share resources and welcome guest presenters on perinatal mental health anxiety and mood disorders.


  • Provide education and support to Pierce County families and providers that is evidence-based and uses best practices for screening, assessment, and treatment.


CONTACT:  Muriel Herrera-Velasquez

Pierce County Perinatal Emotional Health Committee
Meets monthly.


www.pcecn.org, https://www.pcofpc.org/committees/emotional-mental-health/



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Pierce County Early Childhood Network

Perinatal Collaborative of Pierce County
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Perinatal Collaborative of Pierce County (PCPC) is a local non-profit dedicated to improving the health of Pierce County mothers and infants. PCPC provides opportunities to learn about best practices in caring for mothers and infants in our community. We promote networking among providers to increase coordination of services for perinatal populations.



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