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A writer, speaker, wife and mother who blogs.
A’Driane Nieves
A writer, artist, activist, and speaker with a heart for serving others and social good. A mental health advocate living with bipolar disorder, and a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety.
Tyrese Coleman
A great resource that shows women of color at the intersection of motherhood and career.
Black Motherhood Empowered! The BOLD and COURAGEOUS – The Pride of Black Motherhood is SUCCESS!
Women of Color and Mental Health Information
Seattle Area Resources

The Denise Louie Education Center

DLEC provides high-quality multicultural early education for kids, support and skills for new parents, as well as extra help for families in need, creating a supportive community for all.
The mission of the Equal Start Community Coalition is to promote healthy mothers, healthy families, and healthy communities. The main goal of the Coalition is to prevent infant mortality by promoting collaboration between communities and the health care sector, advocating for health equity, impacting political processes, and eliminating institutional racism.
Parent Groups, classes and events. Building a strong community by supporting families of color through parenting programs, resource sharing, and fostering meaningful connections.
Connecting communities of color/culture with counselors who understand and connecting counselors of color/culture with a network of support.
Open Arms provides services that support, educate, respect, honor, and empower women and their families from pregnancy through birth to early parenting.
A counseling organization established to provide affordable counseling for women-identified folks on their journeys toward healing.