Can Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders be treated?

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The sooner a parent with a perinatal mood disorder gets good quality professional help, the better. The longer a mother suffers from untreated perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, the longer her recovery period, which can extend into years in some cases.

The most effective treatments involve a combination of counseling, social support, and in some cases, medical treatment. Breastfeeding is compatible with many medications used to treat Postpartum Mood Disorders; be sure to consult a physician that is current with information on lactation and medications.

The “ideal” treatment plan includes:
• Medical evaluation (to eliminate physiological causes, i.e. thyroid)
• Psychotherapy
• Psychiatric evaluation and medications, if deemed appropriate
• Participation in a support group for emotional support, connection, and education

Reaching out for the proper help is an important step toward recovery. If you are experiencing the symptoms of a Postpartum Mood Disorder, do not continue to suffer in silence.

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