COVID Resources for Therapists, Birth Professionals & Health Care Providers

Resources for Health Care providers: 

Free/low cost virtual platforms: 

Weekly Support Meeting for those that are Helpers 

Community Connection Circle

Group Peer Support

  • Several meeting per week for different providers (healthcare, mental health, support group leaders, and more)

Strategies for therapists and birth professionals to help parents prepare for birth without partners or support people: 

  1. use technology to virtually have partner at bedside, so partner can encourage you thru the delivery and after the birth see baby right away
  2. have partner and older children or family members write you notes of encouragement to take with you, and hold and read during labor
  3. create recordings on your phone of the things you want to think about and remember during delivery that help you feel connected and supported
  4. put together index cards that help the staff know what you want or need from them! Ex. If you are a loss mom- tell them that you may have extra tears. If you appreciate someone holding your hand – ask if they can do that with you. If you like verbal encouragement – tell them it’s useful to your process.
  5. Therapists: help clients “keep their eye on the prize”. The goal to come home with a healthy mom and baby. Everything we are doing now is for your safety and health of newborn. Keep your eye on the end goal as much as we acknowledge the painful reality of “what is”
  6. Remember – the hospital staff isn’t the enemy – remember they are themselves selflessly struggling to manage their job, their fear, their reality too. They are your partners today – be kind and compassionate to them too.
  7. have a birth plan in place and hand it to healthcare workers. Maybe even make a sign/paper with some absolute things, that you can keep by your bedside and point to, even if you are in too much pain to speak.
  8. Make a playlist together with your partner